Harmony in the Park

Dressage Shows
May 19-21, 2023 (2 shows)

Hoosier Horse Park, Edinburgh, Indiana

​Organizers: Angela Goodwin-Volpert, Susan Moran, and Paula Bruveris

2023 Show Information
Last Updated: 
Mar 16, 2023    12:30 pm

Prize List

Judges 2023

Lilo Fore "S" CA

Natalie Lamping "S" FL

Lois Yukins "S" MA

Susan Posner "R" KY

*Schedules are provisional.  Please verify official times at the show.
Day Sheets:

Rider Schedules





If you would like to help out during the show, please contact us at HarmonyInThePark@gmail.com

Show schedules and stabling are posted to the left.  These are provisional times.  Please check your official times each morning when they are posted at the office.

Pre-Register for Photographer


We still have competitors looking for a braider.  If you want to offer your services, please contact us.



To sign up, please respond directly to the email that will be sent out a week before the show; all pricing and details will be included.

    Katherine Sclichter   ksclichter@gmail.com


Just a reminder, if there is another

show on the grounds during our show:

USEF DR119.2 :  Horses may compete in no more than one Licensed Competition on the same day and are prohibited from competing in any non-licensed competition(s) held on the same day(s) as they compete in a Licensed Dressage Competion.

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